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The M1 Process is a dynamic and comprehensive coaching framework designed by Evan Marks to guide individuals and teams toward transformative growth.

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M1 Performance Group offers comprehensive coaching sessions tailored for professional athletes, traders, portfolio managers, and C-suite executives. We develop techniques to increase engagement and foster a focused approach to decision-making, elevating clients' performance goals


Discover a tailored approach to personal and professional development through Evan Marks’ specialized coaching services.


Tailored sessions navigating personal and professional landscapes with resilience, empowering individuals through exploration of dynamics and strengths.



Crafted to enhance collective dynamics, Evan’s team coaching fosters collaboration, communication, and shared goals, ensuring each team member contributes optimally to overall group success.


Elevate leadership skills through targeted sessions. Evan works with aspiring leaders to enhance strategic thinking, decision-making, and leadership effectiveness.



Engage in impactful group learning based on the M1 Philosophy, covering resilience, motivation, and effective teamwork for growth and success.


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Why M1 Performance?

Choosing M1 Performance Group means leveraging over 25 years of expertise in high-stakes decision-making and portfolio management. Our personalized coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client, whether they are professional athletes, traders, or C-suite executives. We utilize cutting-edge techniques from modern psychoanalysis and neuroscience to enhance mental skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience. Join the ranks of elite performers across various domains who trust us to help them overcome challenges and achieve their full potential.


Benefit from Evan's 25+ years of experience in portfolio management, trading, and high-stakes decision-making.

Personalized Coaching

Receive tailored coaching sessions designed to meet individual needs, goals, and challenges.

Innovative Techniques

Leverage modern psychoanalysis and neuroscience to enhance mental skills, emotional intelligence, and resilience.


Join elite performers across sports, finance, and business, guided to achieve their full potential and overcome challenges.


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