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Mastering Mental Performance: Insights from Wall Street with Evan Marks

This is a podcast focusing on life and business skills. Evan is a distinguished performance coach with a background in Wall Street. He shares his 23-year experience on Wall Street highlighting the intense and competitive environment. In this interview he mentions the significance of mental performance in such a high-pressure setting. Evan discusses how the mental aspect influences trading more than market conditions. Then he describes the rapid emotional fluctuations traders experience and the necessity of mastering mental resilience as a result.

If you like the podcast, Sue has a live training event on “Taking the stress out of leadership”.
It’s aimed at executives and senior leaders who are looking to better understand how stress impacts their lives and how to get a better grip on it. Sue is going to share tools to make stress work for them.

The event is Wednesday 29 May at 7 PM UK time, 8 PM Central European Time and 2 PM Eastern Time. 

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Evan Marks - Achieve Peak Trading Performance ⚡

In this interview we speak with Evan Marks. Evan transitioned from a successful career as a hedge fund trader to becoming a mental performance coach. 🧠

Mark encourages clients to understand their emotions and acknowledges pressure as a privilege, believing it leads to positive outcomes.

Evan Marks - I'll MOTIVATE the SH!T OUT OF YOU!

In this episode, Evan Marks, shares his captivating journey from Wall Street trader to coaching NASCAR drivers. The discussion delves into Evan’s experiences coaching the legendary Jimmy Johnson, the power of harnessing intense emotions for positive change, and insights on redefining success. Evan’s story, marked by resilience and self-discovery, serves as an inspiring reminder to adapt, learn, and persevere on the path to success, emphasizing the transformative power of managing emotions and evolving definitions of success over time.

Evan Marks - Maximizing Mental Performance and Leveraging Pressure

Evan Marks - Pressure is a privilege

In this EP we dive into Evan’s coaching experience, including his time with NASCAR teams, professional athletes and more; his 25 years on Wall St, including what working in that lion’s den is really like; Evan’s childhood, his time as a college pro athlete, and the lessons learned along the way; and much more.

Pocono 500 Raceway

Coaching Hendrick Motorsports’ #48 Jimmie Johnson’s pit crew team

Welcome to M1 Performance Group - Unlocking Mental Performance through Mind First Coaching.

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